Central Wisconsin and TRAVELHOST Magazine extend a welcoming hand.  We pledge to do our best to make your stay here fun, exciting and memorable. 

The Central Wisconsin edition of TRAVELHOST, America's #1 Travel Magazine, present some to the very best this state has to offer in dining, shopping and attractions.  The communities presented begin with Marshfield and Stevens Point and all there is to see and do.  We then take you on a fabulous tour of Wausau and Wisconsin Rapids-both of which you will thoroughly enjoy. See it all - you won't regret it.  Stay awhile and enjoy yourself.

Each community is featured in it's own section of the magazine that includes maps, events (Things to do), attractions, and editorial comment about the current happenings and advertisements from local businesses that are very visitor friendly.  In fact, it's because of the advertisers and your hotel management that you have the Central Wisconsin Tavelhost magazine.  They hope CENTRAL WISCONSIN TRAVELHOST is of value to you during your visit. So do we.

Enjoy your time in Central Wisconsin.  Stay a little bit longer if you can.  We're glad to have you with us.

Wayne A. Ripp
Associate Publisher
Travelhost of Central Wisconsin

PS: Please feel free to email (Subject: magazine feedback) any comments, observations, or ideas you wish to make regarding this magazine and it's advertisers.