Welcome to Daytona Beach and Flagler County. We hope you find this website of TRAVELHOST both enjoyable and informative. In it, you'll find information on shopping, dining, entertainment and sights and attractions that make Daytona Beach and Flagler County the destination of choice. For families on vacation, the Daytona Beach area makes child's play of having fun. Twenty-three miles of sparkling white sandy beaches and beautiful blue-green water makes the Daytona Beach area an irresistible playground for kids of all ages. The beach is up to 500 feet wide at low tide and is perfect for castle building, cycling, jogging, fishing or just relaxing in the sun. While at the beach, watersports enthusiasts can grab a surfboard, launch a boat, or head out for a para-sailing adventure. Sixteen miles of the beach allows driving and parking during the day when the tide permits. If you and your family can manage to tear yourselves away from the beach, you'll will discover the Daytona Beach area is full of fun activities and attractions.
If cars are your passion, you have come to the right place! The Daytona International Speedway and Daytona 500 Experience offer all the hands on and historical perspective that an auto racing enthusiast could want.
The Daytona Beach area contains some of the finest nighttime entertainment and dining in Florida. Locally owned restaurants cater to those with international palates.
As you explore the Daytona Beach area, enjoy numerous museums, recreational attractions, parks and preserves. The museum of Arts and Sciences, Ponce Inlet Lighthouse, Halifax Museum and John D. Rockefeller's home are just some of the Daytona sights that will inform, inspire and entertain you. And don't forget the great golf courses designed for amateurs and pros alike. The Ladies Professional Golf Association's International  Headquarters is located in Daytona Beach. Looking for an excuse to do a little shopping? Daytona Beach offers a wide variety of stores such as Volusia Mall, Main Street by the Ocean, Daytona Flea Market and Ocean Walk Shoppes. The warm sun, waves, bikinis, and activities just make Daytona Beach a fun visit.