One Human Family

  For those of us who are lucky enough to live here in the beautiful,

subtropical Florida Keys, we are lucky enough indeed!

  Connected by 43  bridges --- one almost seven miles long ---
our necklace  of tiny islands begins just south of Miami, and
hopscotches over the Atlantic Ocean, Florida Bay and Gulf of Mexico. 

  These islands are paralleled by North America's only living
contiguous coral barrier reef and the waters surrounding our
spectacular island chain have been designated as the Florida Keys
National Marine Sanctuary---over 2,800 square nautical miles of
protected water teeming with sealife and shipwrecks.

  We have five fascinating regions here, including Key Largo,
Islamorada, Marathon, Big Pine/Lower Keys and Key West.  In
addition to world class fishing, diving and boating, our islands are
also rich with art galleries, museums, historic attractions and artists'
studios, as well as highly acclaimed theatrical and musical performances.  
  It's not just these characteristics and attractions, however, that will capture
your heart and soul.  It's also the way we look at life and embrace our official
island philosophy of One Human Family, which reflects our respect for diversity
and inclusion of all people.

  We hope you enjoy our special piece of paradise and encourage you to use
TRAVELHOST | Florida Keys and Key West  as your personal guide for exploring

all the wonderful things that our island home has to offer.  

  FYI: Be sure to tune in to our local talk and entertainment show, The BUZZZ  In
The Keys
for an inside peek at the latest happenings.  You can
watch it on demand 24/7 at www.ConchTV.com.

Catch You Later!

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